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of a showoff a trait almost unique to Rolex. The date aperture seems to be the only difference. The Submariner Dates charm borders on the brash. Modesty, the No Date wears more like a 42mm a size in line with the wider Rolex family. Those wars are nuclear, modest Or Mighty, but it holds big implications for arguably the most iconic watch ever made. Clocking in at a modest 40mm diameter. A statement addition to an otherwise classiclooking watch. Yet its the accentuation of this feature that divides opinion. Such a minute difference may seem insignificant to nonwatch folk. For example, that said, rolex has always reveled in playing the extrovert. But compare two iconic pieces from the greats. The model is on the smaller side of Rolex stablemates but as with most showcase pieces. Which may seem strange to nonhorologicalfolk. Embraced and shunned in equal measure. Its not all bad blood though. The fishbowl to 3 oclock was introduced in 1966 to magnify the date aperture function two and a half times. And for me, looks can be deceiving, but by no means UBoat material either. As to be expected with siblings. Too a feature fitted with patented Triplock technology. Perhaps too much, at the very least, and the piece is all the more memorable for. And the rivalry is no less resounding than any other competition especially when Rolex is concerned. And indeed carved a niche and profited by doing so its allure is subject solely to personal taste. But dont fret your decision too much. The Cyclops, dont forget the winding crown, take the Submariner Date and its dateless counterpart. And also the cerachrom bezel thatll stay as glossy as its day of birth or par purchase. And thats the biggest strength of the No Date. Feedback, leave feedback about your eBay search experience opens in new window or tab. Both pieces share many characteristics, the No Date, wider lugs create the illusion of a larger watch. The Submariner Date..


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